Ok, I'm working on a PLAN

I spent yesterday wallowing. And eating. And some of today eating. And wallowing. And eating again. Then getting sick. Then reading. And I'm working on a plan. I'm taking a step back and looking at myself. What do I want? What do I need? What can I do and not do?
  • I still won't count calories. It's time consuming with everything I have on my plate. That also means weighing food is out.
  • My mother was a horrible cook, and unfortunately, that made me hate almost anything she ever served at the table. That's (probably) why I hate cooked veggies. For the most part. I'll eat green beans and corn but basically, I hate cooked veggies. Like spinach (my mother used to put vinegar on the pile of wilted yarn [spinach]. Cooked asparagus was wilted beyond recognition and smothered with french dressing. These things and more I had to gag down before I could leave the table.
  • I like fresh vegetables. Growing them last year in our very first garden taught me that I adore fresh-picked carrots, raw beets scrubbed free from dirt, home-grown greens, and tomatoes warm from the sun.

[Pause] Maybe that indicates a mostly raw diet?

  • I love chocolate and am not ready to give it up. Ever.
  • I love fresh fruit but usually don't eat it because I want to make sure there's enough for Tween to eat. It's really expensive. But maybe I should start taking better care of myself so that I'll be around for Tween in the later years.
  • As noted above, I've discovered I love fresh raw vegetables. My IBS has no problems with raw cucumbers and carrots and beets.
  • But things like lettuce/greens, peppers, and basically salads? My body won't let me have more than a small amount every couple of days. (IBS). And I love thousand island dressing but have been known to use oil/vinegar mixtures from time to time.
  • Love yogurt but lately it hasn't sat too good with my stomach either. Basically nothing has. Seems like my stomach hurts all of the time.
  • I **need** to eat regularly or else my hypoglycemia goes into effect.
  • I **need** to get healthy so I can walk up our stairs without having to sit at the top before continuing.
  • I **need** to drink more... Is my instant decaf tea with stevia filling my thirst/empty mouth need?
  • I **want** chocolate. Yes, it's dark but maybe I should figure out how to make my own chocolate treats instead of commercially-prepared items.
  • I think I can give up pizza and burgers. The last few I've eaten haven't been as satisfying.

I read somewhere that most "hunger" pains is actually a form of dehydration. That a drink of water will help it go away. And if it's actual hunger, the water won't. I'm gonna start drinking more, no matter what. Gonna have to replace the filter on the faucet first.

Anyway, we tried to run a couple of errands today. Bought "The Raw Food Detox Diet" at Barnes and Noble. Seems interesting. Not too difficult. Thinking I might give it a try.

Maybe it'll improve my disposition too.

Meanwhile, a big shout out to everyone who's stuck with me through this. Your words of encouragement, and the fact that you actually come back to my blog is so helpful.

So... I'm working to find the right way to get healthy is difficult! Why is it soooo easy to get fat, and so hard to get thin? Have humans "evolved" so much that we've forgotten the basic instinct to preserve life? For our bodies to automatically know what it needs to function at top peak? It's so hard to fathom that humanity has changed in only ... what... 10,000 years? ... from basic great health to total self-annihilation. Guess that's not just about food, is it?


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I have wallowed and eating in my wallowing many times. It is hard to avoid. Just think about your reason WHY and it will become easier to do the how to.
I don't count calories either.

moonduster said...

You know, if you don't want to count calories, give up chocolate or feel hungry, you might want to try Slimming World. They are in the UK, but you can join them on-line and they've now got a branch in Florida.

Just a suggestion. www.slimmingworld.com

Cammy said...

A plan is always good. :)

I don't eat many cooked veggies either, and I'm okay with that because other than tomatoes, I think most veggies are better for us raw.

Maybe you can start with making sure you get the 5-9 recommended servings of fruits and veggies every day? That, along with lean meats and just enough chocolate to keep me off the ledge, was how I lost my weight. You could maybe tweak it into something that works for you?

No more wallowing. Figuring out a sustainable, workable plan is the biggest battle. You're almost there, I'm sure of it.

Shelley said...

Instead of focusing on what you *won't* do (count calories, weigh food, give up chocolate), why not focus on what you *will* do (eat more fresh fruits and veggies, etc.) - this way you put a much more positive spin on everything, and in turn, will hopefully feel better about what you are accomplishing.

Good luck - you can do it!

MizFit said...

and it took me eons to find what plan worked for me to FEEL GOOD and be healthy.
I just picked a way of eating and working out and kept tweaking along the way.