Day 57: Weigh In & Plan

Ok. I'm starting clean today. Weighed in at 276 today - no change from last week which is good news considering I've totally ignored any type of "dieting" for weeks. As soon as I'm done here, I'm taking the computer downstairs to start the day with Tween (schoolwork, business, etc.) and eating my first piece of raw fruit for the day.

I spent over $100 (!!) at Sam's yesterday on various fruits and veggies: carrots, cole slaw fixin's (no dressing, just the veggies), english cucumbers, pears, apples, oranges, cutie oranges, nectarines, lemons, plums, cantaloupe and watermelons. (Only had room in the fridge for about half the fruit - better get busy, family!) Also picked up some walnuts, almonds and pecans, and a container of ground flax seeds so I can make dehydrated flax crackers (I have a decent recipe). I have no idea what fruit calls me this morning. Hmmm....

I already did some exercises this morning: for my shoulder but for both shoulders. And leg shakes.

Starting with a positive attitude. I'm sure that helps.

= = = =

Update at 10:02 a.m.: For breakfast, I decided on a plum and a naval orange. They were cold. I got through the plum but only through half of the orange. Felt full so I stopped. I'm going to start the flax crackers and make some blueberry "green" decaf tea now! With maybe a little stevia or honey. Yum!


Dutch said...

I just bought some plums,nectarines and kiwi from Sam's Club. I wish I would have saved my receipt because the nectarines were nasty but the plums and kiwi are so sweet. Have a great week.

lee said...

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