Yesterday's Success. Mostly.

Here's what happened yesterday:

Got up kinda late (the second time) and weighed. Can't weigh after I eat! Then got kid ready for schoolwork, moved downstairs with computer, and settled in.

9:30 - Ate a big ole plum and half a naval orange. Couldn't eat the rest - too full!

10:30 - Tall glass of hot blueberry "green" decaf tea. Started Flax Crackers dehydrating. Two kinds. Chocolate (sweet) and savory.

11:40 - Realized I hadn't eaten until Hubby called. I did realize that I had the very slightest beginning of hypoglycemic shakes. Ate a boiled egg, cut in half, very lightly dabbed with mayo plus a little onion/garlic powder. Rice crackers - 10. Small avocado with a little onion/garlic powder. More tea.

12:35 - Felt a little better but still hungry. Didn't want another avocado and I wasn't supposed to have any more fruit for the rest of the day, so took an hour to eat 1 huge raw carrot (about 18-24 inches each!!).

1:40 - I'm starving! I don't want another carrot. Decided to have another avocado on a piece of gluten-free bread.

3:45 - Hubby home. Starving again... at least I went 2 hours this time without grabbing something. I guess it's the transition. Anyway, sent Hubby out for my blood pressure meds (ran out last Thursday) and a couple of rice crust pizza for Tween and I. Meanwhile, ate a handful of walnuts and turned over some of the flax crackers. Still hungry and feeling a little faint. Suddenly realized I hadn't been upstairs to the bathroom since I came down in the morning. Not good. Took care of business but still started to feel weird.

4:30 - Hungry. Ate a banana.

Everything after that is pretty much a blur. My blood pressure spiked because I hadn't taken my daily pill since Thursday. Major heart goings-ons, troubles breathing, headache, etc. Hubby gave me my pill as soon as he got home with them, then he and Tween took care of me. No more to eat. Hubby gave me some cal/mag to drink to help my breathing. Took 3 tylenol-pm's to get my bod calmed down enough to sleep around 10:30. Feeling a little better this morning; still have all the symptoms but to a much MUCH lesser degree. Never going to skip dosages again.

But I stuck with the plan! And I feel, for the most part, better this morning.

= = = =

So here it is 6:00 a.m. Got Hubby off to work. Tween woke up, ate a goat yogurt and wanted to start schoolwork (did hell freeze over?). I fried a couple of eggs (olive oil) and ate some yogurt. I'm going back to bed now, leaving the Tween to take care of the dogs and do schoolwork. Maybe I'll start the fruit thing around 9:30 or so ... give a chance for the eggs and yogurt to move through my system. For now.. I need a nap. Wonderful day to all! Vee


Deborah said...

You are so fortunate that you didn't end up in the hospital. Now here's a little rant from a mother/grandmother...DON'T SKIP YOUR MEDS AGAIN!!!

Sure glad you are feeling some better and hopefully better still by the time you read my comment.

Twix said...

Isn't it funny how teens are!! I hope you are feeling better this afternoon!! psst, I left you something over at my place! :)