Did Tuesday Suck?

Kinda, yeah. I was trying to recuperate from my situation on Monday. I started out feeling better. Went downstairs, let the dog and puppy out. Came back in and he (the puppy) started barking because I didn't give him his water fast enough. If you know dogs, giving him his water while barking would have been tantamount to saying: yes, every time you bark, I'll give you water. Na-uh. So it took a while for him to be quiet. By that time, Tween got up. Hubby left. Tween ate a goat yogurt and said he wanted to start schoolwork (did hell freeze over?).

5:30 - I fried a couple of eggs (olive oil) and ate some yogurt. Went back to bed with Tween supposedly doing schoolwork downstairs with the dogs. I didn't sleep much. 5 minutes here and there doesn't count. Mainly I'm asking why the puppy is squealing in pain or why the chihuahua is barking. I send the kid up to his room thinking he'll actually go. No, he stands at the head of the stairs, watching and taunting the dogs. Oooh, that sounds bad. Not really. But it's keeping me awake. I yell at him some more, begging for him to let me sleep so he goes in his room and starts talking to himself and laughing. Meanwhile, the one time that I actually get to sleep for more than 5 minutes, Hubby texts to tell me he likes the new yogurt. I didn't text back. Argh! By 9:30 I've had it. If I had made the Tween go back to bed until 8:00 and put the dogs back in their kennels until then, I would have had two more wonderful uninterrupted hours of sleep. Gee, thanks, family. Then I go downstairs at 9:30 to find the puppy chewing on our boxes of board games! So did Tuesday suck? It sure started out that way.

9:30 - Am downstairs, grabbing some fruit. Would like to watch some TV but the channel I want doesn't come in - stupid DTV. I hate hate HATE it! Sorry. Pretty bitchy today. Tween came down with schoolwork and apologized. Kinda. And I ate a cutie orange and a pear. Done by 10:00.

11:45 - Hubby called. He almost always calls during his lunch. Reminded me to eat. Wasn't really hungry but by 12:30 I'd made 1 avocado sandwiches. Finished one. Took a couple bites out of the other and tossed it.

3:30 - Hubby home from work. I had already heated up a rice-crust (gf) cheese pizza after slicing a scallion on top of it. Then added a little more cheese. Ate half while Hubby and Tween had Mickey D's. Didn't feel any twinge for any of it except maybe for milk. But drank tea instead.

4:30 - Here's it was already 4:30 and Tween STILL hadn't finished schoolwork. What should have taken only 2 hours ended up taking 12! I was so mad that I fell back into an old habit. I grabbed some old ice cream I found in the freezer and ate it (had maybe 4 spoonfuls in it). Then grabbed a handful of chocolate.

Still, I did better than I might have last week.

I sent the Tween to bed at 7:25 after taking a shower and fixing his ingrown toenail. He aplogized and wanted to God to rewind the day so he could do better. I reminded him that many people died yesterday. People shot in the war // blown up. Women beaten in their homes. People starving on the streets. Would he want them to go through that day again? All we did was argue. They actually suffered. He understood.

After some, er, miniminal exercise and pillow -talk, Hubby and I were asleep before 10:00. Finally. Now it's 5:15 and I'm still sleepy but awake. Gotta do my morning things and get Hubby off to work before I can go back to sleep.

Have a good day, all.


Ron said...

Hope today goes better for you!

Deborah said...

I remember those family days and my hat goes off to you. Sure hope today is better for you.

VeeGettingHealthy said...

The day is already better. Tween woke up when I went to take the dogs out and just said good morning. I said good morning, go back to sleep. And he did! I went back to bed, took a 15 min nap, and decided I had to get busy online. So here I am! Still haven't eaten anything today but somehow, things are looking better. Hmmm... Vee