Tai Chi for the first time

I had always heard about Tai Chi, but never tried it. Never crossed my mind.

However, last week, I discovered my right leg is about two inches shorter than my left. Background: Because of my morbid obesity, something had to give. My legs volunteered.

Over the past several years, I have suffered from Bakers' cysts, meniscus tears, knee muscles/bones/cartilages crumbling and fraying. Disintegrating. I keep falling because my knees give out on me.

Started consulting with an orthopedic surgeon a couple of years ago. We have tried steroid shots, SynVisc shots, and this past June 26 (2014), I had a scope surgery done on my right knee. The doc told me it wasn't much of a help, telling me that I require a total knee replacement, and soon.

It is scheduled for November.

Meanwhile, I am working to lose weight.

As you may remember I went from 299 lbs in 2008 to 201 lbs in October 31 2010. Super-struggle, counting carbs and calories, but I did it. Then a certain family trip set me back, and the weight just molded back on my body. However, this time, my highest was 266 pounds.

As of yesterday, at the doctor's office, I was 255 pounds, fully-clothed with boots.

Back to Tai Chi. I started that last week, plus a few other exercises, to get my right leg back to the same length as my left. AND to lessen the volume of my body so that I can be healthy enough to recover from my knee surgery.

I would appreciate encouragement!

p.s. Writing is back on track! I am even writing a book on my "dieting" experience. www.vikki-lawrence-williams.blogspot.com

Back in the Saddle. Again. Hopefully.

Has it really been almost a year since I've written? Oh my. So sorry. I will do better.

It has been an eventful 12 months. My son had two brain surgeries May 2013 to try to get rid of his epilepsy. The surgeon took out his rt occipital lobe, rt hippocampus, part of the rt frontal lobe, and a tumor. While this did result in less seizures, he was left with 1/4 blindness in each eye, memory problems, and difficulties walking and talking. He also lost most of his memories, especially having to do with schoolwork.

It's been a struggle but he is walking and talking better. We are back to homeschooling because we had to start all over again.

As far as me... I can barely walk so am waiting for knee surgeries to happen in the Fall. Meanwhile, I try to move my upper body as much as possible. Not very succcessful.

And working to clean up my diet. Kind of a paleo but really can't imagine no legumes or dairy, so writing up my own diet. Assuming it works, I will publish a book about it.

Basics about it:
All kinds of veggies
All kinds of fruits
All kinds of legumes
All kinds of meats, seafood, poultry and eggs
Some dairy
Honey and stevia for sweeteners


Instead, I am working up recipes for "bread" using nut flours, bean flours, coconut and sorghum flours, and crackers using soaked flax and chia seeds.

Trying trying trying.

So far, it is still SUCH a struggle to NOT eat cake, bread and pasta. Difficult to eat a BLT without the bread. Gotta figure this out. GOTTA.

My son needs me.

**I** need me.

Intake for Sat Apr 20

Grabbed a big frozen pkg of pork chops from the freezer yesterday so before I went to bed, divided them into 3 crockpots and cooked on low all night (mostly with just garlic). And then, because all of the water and tea I drank, I was up all night in the bathroom!

Yesterday's intake:

8 a.m.: 1/4 cup cooked pork, water

10:30 a.m.:  chicken nuggets, pear, strawberry/banana smoothie, rice crackers

1:30 p.m.: leftover pizza (chicken, onion, mushrooms, green peppers), water.

Here's my downfall: I needed to make some sample cupcakes for a customer's graduation party. Yes, I ate a cupcake and some frosting (all homemade). I then drank tons of water to start flushing out the sugar again.

4:30 p.m.:  boiled egg with spicy brown mustard, water

6:30 p.m.: Hubby brought home dinner from Panda Express: orange chicken, honey walnut shrimp, brown rice and 2 egg rolls. Oh well. He tried.

9:00: pecans and almonds, water, my evening pills

Not great but today's another day!

Intake for Apr 19 Fri

Let's see if I can keep a tally of what I eat.  My goal is 6 small meals a day, very little processed foods, etc. Basically a mediterranean diet but even more so geared to my pre-diabetes/diabetic problem (see yesterday's post).

Friday, Apr 19

7 a.m. - last of a premade protein drink, handful of whole unsalted almonds, water. 10 min light exercise.

10 a.m. - tuna salad with egg & pickle relish, brown rice crackers, apple, water. Did chores.

1 p.m. - sandwich: whole grain bread with natural peanut butter and cream cheese, water

4 p.m. - had doc appt at 3:30 for eyes so took 100 cal guac snack pack with some cheapo triscuits, water

at doc. blood tested at 4:30 was 94 so I'm NOT diabetic!  Woohoo!  Took Kid (who'd napped in the exam room) and met Hubby at local pizzeria.

6 p.m. - pizza with chicken, mushrooms, red onion and green peppers, with a side salad and 4 glasses of tea

Now, just because the theory of my blurred vision is different (on-going migraine causing vision and hearing problems), it doesn't mean that I'm gonna eat cupcakes and stuff all the time again.  Sure did scare me.