Intake for Apr 19 Fri

Let's see if I can keep a tally of what I eat.  My goal is 6 small meals a day, very little processed foods, etc. Basically a mediterranean diet but even more so geared to my pre-diabetes/diabetic problem (see yesterday's post).

Friday, Apr 19

7 a.m. - last of a premade protein drink, handful of whole unsalted almonds, water. 10 min light exercise.

10 a.m. - tuna salad with egg & pickle relish, brown rice crackers, apple, water. Did chores.

1 p.m. - sandwich: whole grain bread with natural peanut butter and cream cheese, water

4 p.m. - had doc appt at 3:30 for eyes so took 100 cal guac snack pack with some cheapo triscuits, water

at doc. blood tested at 4:30 was 94 so I'm NOT diabetic!  Woohoo!  Took Kid (who'd napped in the exam room) and met Hubby at local pizzeria.

6 p.m. - pizza with chicken, mushrooms, red onion and green peppers, with a side salad and 4 glasses of tea

Now, just because the theory of my blurred vision is different (on-going migraine causing vision and hearing problems), it doesn't mean that I'm gonna eat cupcakes and stuff all the time again.  Sure did scare me. 

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