Back on the wagon. Again. Gotta. Poss Diabettes.

My knees have gotten so bad that I couldn't walk. But I need to.  When my son has a seizure, I need to be able to catch him.  I need to be able to feed the chickens and goats, walk the dog, clean the house, play with my ever-regressing son.

Last week I bit the bullet, called the ortho doc and made the appointment. A cortizone shot in each knee. Within 24 hours I could walk with about 50% less pain, BUT my legs had swollen so my shoes didn't fit, I've had a constant migraine, and my vision is blurry. Very blurry.

Good ole Google showed cortizone sometimes brings on a spike in blood sugar. As in could now be diabetic.  Oh great.

I'd gone back to one of my comforts ... cakes and cupcakes ... and since I've been baking cupcakes and breads for 5 months now to raise money for my son's surgery, I've gotten really really good at it. the most delicious white cake and homemade buttercream frosting ... STOP IT!!!

I see the PCP doc today. Doubtful she'll take my blood but if she does, I'm sure it'll be high. Meanwhile, I weighed this morning: 233.2 lbs. Not as bad as I thought.

Starting today:
-lots of water - half my weight in ounces ... 116 ounces so slightly less than a gallon (128 oz)
-6 small meals a day
-following basically mediterranean diet
-no fruit juice / only low glycemic whole fruit with skin (fiber) like berries, cherries, apples, pears
-poultry and seafood, eggs and cheese
-whole grains, incl oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa
-avocado daily, with lots of veggies
-no processed foods / cook
-egg every day since our hens are laying lots now!
-moderate exercise, even if it's just waving my arms on the bed (still can't walk much)

Not doing it to lose weight, althought that would be great. Doing it to regain my eyesight.  Because I'll need another cortizone shot or two or 5 since i can't the knee surgery until after my son's surgery.

Please keep us in your thoughts.

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