... I'm eating healthy, but still, sadly, no. I'm not.

Today's intake:

B: protein coffee drink, milk

L: milk, protein coffee drink

D: water with lime juice, water, multi-vitamins


Not even the thought of a Fuddrucker Cheeseburger, my fresh baked cinnamon/walnut rolls or pizza made me want to eat. Nothing at all sounded good today.

I even took my kid to get a frozen yogurt at Gotcha Yogurt in Parker, CO. Love that place. I got a tiny portion of white chocolate mousse with lots of fresh strawberries and a few chopped pecans, but didn't even sample it or lick the spoon. It's now in the freezer awaiting my Hubby to finish the farm chores and eat his dinner (spaghetti).

He even brought me home some fresh chocolate chip cookies but ... I just don't want them.

The owner at Gotcha said I'd lost a lot of weight. I don't know. The scale shows only 6 pounds lost since mid-Nov so maybe it's just the worry wrinkles that's making me look old and less fat.

Oh well. Time to get the pills ready for my son to take in 2 hours. Then I'm gonna curl up in my pink polka dot fuzzy jammies, and veg out while finishing my water. Think I'll go to bed when my kid does. He had a big seizure this afternoon so he'll probably want to go to bed early.

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Twix said...

Hope you got some much needed rest. You sounded so tired.