LEFT this out about the Kid

Forgot to mention in yesterday's blog posting, that my kid had so many many seizures yesterday, it was frustrating. We were driving home from the doc and errands yesterday afternoon, and he asked me how many minutes 253 seconds was. We were doing the math together, then he fell silent. I was in a traffic mess so didn't look at him for a while. I figured he was thinking about the math but he suddenly asked "did we finish the math?".  Yep, he'd had an "absence" seizure which thankfully does not have convulsions.

He had another one in the kitchen about 2 hours later.  Not to mention all of the "simple partial" seizure he had all day (which seems like episodes of de ja vu to him).

Usually he comes home from his 2-class day at school, eats lunch, collects eggs, walks the dog, then collapses for a 2-5 hour nap. It's a result of his seizure meds, and really needs this time or else he gets grumpy and has more seizures. PLUS his mind gets so fuzzy. But when we're busy or have doc appointments, he doesn't get the naptime.  Literally passed out last night shortly after 9 p.m.

Very difficult to fit in homework from high school PLUS the schoolwork for his stay-at-home classes. Guess we'll be doing a LOT of schoolwork on weekends and vacations.

Had another 2 simple partial seizures this morning before he left for school.

Thank goodness he has an appointment with his epileptologist (epilepsy specialist) this week.

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