DAY3: Monday Monday

Such a restless night. Was afraid I'd keep Hubby awake but thankfully, he didn't notice my constant tossing and turning. Wanted to take a nap after he left and got Kid off to school but not possible. Farm chores to do by myself, dog to feed, cheese to make and so many other things.

Then Kid home by noon, throw down a lunch (him, not me) and run off to the doc. Then errands and finally home, just in time to put a lot of veggies in the dehydrator, start dinner and get evening chores done.

Hoped tomorrow would have been calmer but just found it's supposed to snow Wednesday night so basically I have 2 days to: harvest all sunflowers and corn and hang in garage, get certain container veggies inside (cucumber, squash, tomato), change out the a/c unit for our fireplace wood and kindling, and many many more things. ARGH!

B: gf maple buckwheat cereal, goat milk
S: string cheese, dried blueberries
L: mac and cheese
Linner: (whole foods salad bar: spinach, broccoli, carrots, cheese, grapes)
D: pistachios, dried peas, sesame rice crackers

B: spam, rice crackers, protein drink, fruit juice
S: pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, other dried fruits/nuts/seeds
L: chicken curry soup, rice crackers, V8
D: burrito, chicken sandwich, water

B: protein drink
L: nothing
Linner: whole foods: slice pesto/tomato/goat cheese pizza, protein drink
D: 1/2 of yesterday's protein drink, water

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