DAY4: PRETTY decent Tuesday

We all did pretty well yesterday. I started cleaning out the freezer and found an old cheeseburger that was still good, so I ate that. (Can't stand wasting money.) Still have lots more to go through so I guess I'll be eating weird things lately while still filling up the chickens' bellies with lots of toss-outs.

Got our container veggies in last night: 2 yellow squash pots, 2 bush cucumber pots, 3 tomato seedlings I started just for winter, dug up a huge parsley and potted it, and dug up a yellow pear tomato and potted it. I'll add a few runner beans, and start some leaf lettuce to complete our "salad" fixin's for this winter. Now, I just have to find my indoor grow light today!

Played musical chickens last night: 1 hen who hatched out 3 chicks almost 2 weeks ago is now back with the adult group (the babies will be just fine as soon as I hook up their heat lamp). Another hen who gave up sitting on her eggs is back with her adult group. I have another hen still sitting on eggs in the garage but she has another day or two before her eggs are due to hatch. If they don't, guess I'll have to buy a chick or two to stick under her!

Woke up this morning with an itchy throat and ears so it's probably something I ate or drank yesterday. Took an allergy pill. Hope that works. Too much to do today to lounge around (expecting snow tonight.)

B: gf cereal, goat milk
S: apple slices, string cheese
L: goat milk yogurt, blue-machine (juice), pistachios
D: low-sodium V8, rice crackers, almonds, carrots, dried peas

B: protein drink, cranberry KIND bar
S: pumpkin seeds, various dried fruits, seeds, nuts, fruit V8
L: chili, homemade cheese
D: gf pizza w/bacon/feta/spinach, low-sodium V8

B: protein coffee drink
L: burger (cleaning out freezer), apple slices
S: fruit drink
D: cottage cheese, low-sodium V8

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