DAY5: Wednesday. Not bad but busy.

Harvested 2 kinds of mint from our front yard today: dehydrating to make tea this winter.  After school, the KID ate lunch, stacked newspapers (we will make "logs" out of them in the next few weeks for fireplace) then took a nap. After a 4 1/2 hour nap, I got him up for language arts homework (due tomorrow but still not down), and walk/feed the dog. He also helped us with the goats' hay.

Kitchen was a mess so I moved things around and cleaned! All of our homegrown zucchini are now the dining room sideboard to dehydrate later this week, along with another basket of mint to dry. Still have more veggies in the freezer to dehydrate. Bagged up dried mixed veggies, broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini and cucumber.

Around 4:30, I gathered up some potatoes (that we'd harvested from our garden) and boiled while I cooked some chicken sausage.

After Hubby got home (he got stuck in that stupid Debate traffic), the storm came on his heels. We hurridly milked the goats, gave all critters inside and out food and water, and the goats got hay. By then it had gotten dark and the wind was really blowing. Doubtful we'll get any snow or rain. Looks like it'll just be wind and coldness.

Then dinner (which almost burned when we were outside).

Busy busy.


And ... NO decent TV on tonight because of the debate. So tired of this election, and in particular, the disruption here in the Denver area because of tonight's debate. Traffic was horrendous even by 3 p.m. Argh. Is it Nov yet?

Now that the worst of the tasks are done, instead of TV, we gonna boogie to oldies on the radio. Eh... we'll all have fun (including the dog) PLUS we get som exercise.

B: gf cereal, goat milk
S: 2 rice cakes, dried blueberries, precooked bacon
L: pistachios, rice crackers, mixed berries, pineapple, banana
D: potatoes with sour cream, chicken sausage with lots of ketchup, brocc slaw, V8

B: gf KIND cereal, goat milk
L: spam, rice crackers, tomatoes, olives, V8 juice box
D: potatoes w/plain yogurt, chicken sausage with spicy brown mustard, brocc slaw. V8

B: protein coffee drink, KIND plus bar
L: peanut butter on 2 bananas, strawberry, sprig of homegrown parsley, tea
D: potatoes w/sour cream, 1/2 a chicken sausage, spicy brown mustard, brocc slaw, V8

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