DAY8: Freezing Saturday

Very cold today. Woke up to a little snow, and continued to spit throughout the day. Here it is, after 8 p.m., and it's already dipping below 30 degrees F. Thankfully, we just finished harvesting carrots, cantaloupe, winter squash, corn and a few cabbage. Tomorrow we'll get the sunflowers and move the boy goats into their winter accommodations. Glad we rescued what we did earlier this week, and that we harvested the potatoes last month.

But br br br br br! I'm cold! Two layers and I'm thinking about adding a third.

Plan to weigh in tomorrow. Recap: Kid on the diet to counteract the weight-gaining that his epilepsy and mood stabilizing meds. Hubby on the diet to help reduce his kidney, bladder and prostate problems. Me, because I'm big and fat and can't walk any more!

Today's food:

B: we all had pancakes: Kid had plain with syrup and me and Hubby had blueberry with syrup. Only, Hubby finished mine because I just didn't feel like eating mine.

L: Kid had potato skins with sour cream. Hubby and I forgot to eat. I did drink some tea and coffee when Hubby and Kid went into town for library and to get livestock feed.

D: Subway sandwiches, chips, no-caffeine soda, 2 cookies each.

It's a wheat day, remember?

Forgot to give us all V8 today so we're back on the wagon tomorrow. Gotta make life a little bit fun for the Kid. With the constant threat of seizures, and us constantly being on toes and watching him without letting him know we're watching ... well, it's tough.

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