DAY26: Wednesday: Hectic Life

Okay, I know it's been a while since I've written, but life is really hectic. My son's seizures increased to a ridiculous amount per week, so I contacted his epileptologist (neurologist who specializes in epilepsy). She ordered a new med, and he started it last Friday (Oct 19) in conjunction with the other two epilepsy/seizure medicines. His seizures have NOT decreased, and side effects have. Side effects include weight gain, dizziness, stomach upset, jaundice, eyes not tracking, and so forth. He's exhibiting drowsiness, stomach upset and weight gain but are watching it carefully.

BUT we are still eating healthy. We try to have V8 low sodium and vegetables at night, healthy fruit and fruit juice during the day, whole grains (mostly GF for son), and minimizing amount of milk drunk (son). Also still weighing once a week, and when I'm done with this posting, I'll update our weights on the page "Family Weight-Loss Tracking 2012", link found above. I've lost! Woohoo!

Expecting snow tonight, but we're not  ready. AND we're expecting 25 baby day-old chicks in the mail on Friday so I hope they don't freeze during the trip. Still need to cover strawberries with straw, get more hay to the goats, some straw in the bottom of chicken coops, and bringing in the hoses so they don't freeze.

Made Pineapple Walnut goat milk cheese today that was soooo good, and yesterday made Chocolate Raspberry cheese that was unbelievably decadent but still healthy. Still trying to sell 1 more goat cheese share because our girls are producing lots of milk.

Indoor garden doing well: another week or two and we'll be picking yellow pear tomatoes! Squash and cucumbers will be another couple of months, and possibly 2 months before beans will be ready.Still have lots of pine and willows to get in the ground: guess we'll do it next week, weather permitting.

I'll only be typing on here sporadically. My priority is to get our home in order and provide a calm and secure homelife for my son (stress makes his epilepsy worse).  He has the next 2 days off from school so we're going to do his homeschool projects, like home ec (sewing, cooking, and baking), career exploration and civics. He's excited about baking some Halloween goodies to give his teachers on Monday.

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