DAY7: Friday was ok

Got so wrapped up with things that I forgot to blog yesterday. We woke up to snow and frigid temperatures. I hurredly milked the goats before the Kid left for school. Hubby had already left. Then I came in, made cheese, did an inventory of all the cheese I've made so far for the freezer (for us to eat in the winter), and did a couple loads of laundry.

The Kid had a slightly better day at school, but he's still frustrated. Hubby had a better day at work. We all had a decent evening. Kid is clinging to Hubby but right now, they need that.

Woke up to fog and mist and pre-snow. Kid didn't get any sleep last night so he'll have a big seizure today. We milked the goats around 8 a.m., then put them out in their pasture. While Hubby got everyone food and water, I made cheese (chocolate!) and breakfast (pancakes). Saturday is a wheat day for us all.

After I finish this blog entry, we're gonna lay down to take a nap (still have my sore throat and general body acheyness). Then Hubby will take the Kid into town to go to the library and get lunch. I hope to stay behind and sleep or do chores or write (because I'm VERY VERY behind in my writing projects).

Hope we remember to weight tomorow morning.

Friday's Food:

B: apple slices, grapes, cheese
S: cheese (I think ... he grabbed it as he ran for the bus since I forgot)
L: gf mac & cheese
D: gf pepperoni pizza
(Wow .. he ate a lot of cheese yesterday, didn't he? Hope he can poop today!)

B: protein drink, apple slices with yogurt and homemade cinnamon cheese
L: steak, heirloom tomato, rice crackers
S: pumpkin seeds and various nuts and seeds and dried fruits
D: gf  supreme pizza

B: bacon
L: steak (tiny bit), coffee
D: steak (little bit), coffee

Well, poo. None of us had any V8, or any decent fiber (Hubby had fiber). Fridays are always difficult, especially when I don't feel good. I put some V8 fruit fusion juice in the fridge this morning. We'll all have some when I get up from my nap.
Saturday's Food (so far):
All of us had pancakes: Hubby and I had blueberry, the Kid had plain.  All had syrup. I had about 5 bites then gave up. My throat hurt too bad.

Once the dishwasher was loaded, I sprayed some chloroseptic in my throat and started the computer.

Now, I'm gonna go to sleep.

Have a good Saturday, all. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog entry.


Evelyn said...

I was wondering what GF pizza you use? I've been trying to find a good one that doesn't taste like rubbish.

Vee and the Kid said...

We live out in the boonies, but there's a "corner market" about a half a mile from us. They also have a pizza and hot sub shop, and started carrying GF pizza there shortly after we moved here 3 years ago. No idea what kind they have. We do sometimes buy Amy's Rice crust pizza and it's tolerable after piling on more mozz cheese and pepperoni.