My husband has been having medical problems for at least a year, possibly two. I've been urging him to go to a urologist for a long time, and finally, he did, on Thursday.  Came home with a diagnosis of an enlarged prostate, a bladder more than triple what it should have been, and a catheter.

Research that night led to our decision to put him immediately on a caffeine-free and low-salt diet. Adding even more veggies than normal (especially those high in zinc), pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and pygeum/saw palmetto supplements. Lots of liquids. For someone addicted to colas, this is hard but I'm helping.

Once we have that going, we're going to go off gluten.

And yes, I wrote "we". I'm gonna do it too.

Support and all that.

We had to go buy him some work pants today because his regular pants are too tight for the bag attached to the catheter. Needed more wiggle room. And since he'll have it for 2 weeks, he needs to be able to work.  Also got him some sweatpants for around the house; he hates sweatpants but sometimes, you just gotta do things.

Son has really put on weight lately. He's always been a stick, but with his seizure meds and mood-stabilizer meds, he makes him take a 2-5 hour nap almost every day plus really gave him an increased appetite. Even sneaks at night. Still drinking about a quart of goat milk a day but that's ok because it's from our healthy goats, so it's not really expensive.

Cleaning out the fridge on Monday.  Unfortunately, most of it is goat milk that I need to make cheese with!

So, hope to start working this blog again. It's time.

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Yum Yucky said...

It think it's fabulous that you make cheese. Skills like that in this day & age are so scarce. Hats off to you momma.