I GAVE UP. Emphasis on GAVE.

I was doing so well on getting healthy, then everything fell downhill. If you read my blog, you know exactly what triggered the downfall, and when.

Every pound I lost, I have replaced. Argh. I've always been a stress eater, and boy my life has been full of stress these last 2 years. My son's seizures have increased, he now has 4 different kinds, and is on 3 different medications to try to control them. Trying to get him to recognize the symptoms of an impending seizure so he can make himself safe by sitting down for an hour or so. Trying to manage him going to high school the first two periods then coming home, eating lunch, taking a 2-5 hour nap (it's his meds) then chores, his high school homework, and our schooling-at-home. Managing a small farmette, milking and caring for the goats, taking care of the chickens, watering plants, harvesting fruits and veggies, making cheese, dehydrating produce ... paying the bills.

I'm exhausted but I'm also tired of the chest pains, low immunity, crippled to the point of needing a cane to walk and general poor health. I'm been working to get back into the gettin' healthy mindset but for some reason, I'm not there yet.

Gotta.  I just gotta.


Anonymous said...

It all sounds very overwhelming, but you have been strong through all of this. Make time to take care of yourself, too! You are beautiful.

Vee and the Kid said...

Thank you so much, Anon. I appreciate that.

Yum Yucky said...

oh my goodness. You do so much. I'm actually kinda speechless. But I know you have it in you to not just "get through it", but come out on top and prevail! (hugs and love to you today)