Time for more recipes!

I have a double-sided crockpot (about 3 quarts each) and a large crockpot Hubby brought into the marriage that's maybe 4 quarts. I like it when they are all going.

In my double crockpot today:

Left: it has 1 1/2 qts goat milk heating.  As soon as it gets hot enough, I'll add some vinegar, stir until it separates into curds and whey, and strain the whey out to make bread with later. I'll separate the curds into two bowls. Then (1) bowl will get a little honey and powdered dehydrated raspberries to make raspberry cheese and Bowl (2) will get a tiny bit of salt and powdered real garlic with lots of basil. YUM!

Right: making yogurt! In another 25 minutes, will turn off the crockpot, let it cool for 3 hours, add some yogurt starter, wrap the thing in towels, and leave it till tomorrow. Already have 4 oz jelly jars ready and waiting ... will place a little natural jam in the bottom of half of them and scoop yogurt into them. Then will refrigerate. Some will get honey and vanilla for the Kid. And any leftover will get flavored with powdered dehydrated peach and placed in popsicle molds for a frozen treat.

All very healthy snacks. 

Oh, guess what I had for dinner last night? Okay, I'll tell ya: salad from my garden with lettuce, chard, spinach, radishes ... added peanuts and 1000 island dressing. PLUS homemade cheese with crackers. So proud of myself.

BUT ... THIS blog entry is about a recipe I just read.


Big ole hunk of cheapo almost-expired beef
1/4 dehydrated onion bits (or packet of dry onion soup mix)
2-4 cups salsa
2 cups fresh-squeezed (!!) goat milk
2 cups chopped fresh mushrooms
2 cups water

Add water first to crockpot then throw the rest of the ingredients on top of the hunk o beef. Cook on high 4 hours or so, then turn to low and cook until meat is fork-tender (falls apart easily with fork).

I'll eat it as the protein for a quick meal: with gf crackers, on rice, on cooked sliced potato rounds, or my hubby could eat it on bread or tortillas.

I have to go into town on Wednesday for physical therapy so I'll pick up some mushrooms and the chunk o beef then.


I'm determined to get back in shape. Can barely walk with this extra weight hurting my knees and my right foot.

Now that the garden is starting to produce ... it'll be a whole lot easier.

Have more lettuce than we can handle ... and my gut will tolerate a salad only every 2 days. So ... selling extra. Potatoes and radishes coming along too. Tomatoes going in this week as are bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. Will plant corn and more next Monday. My mouth is watering!!!!

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