It's so nice to have a goat-in-milk again. Made some cheese the other day and it's as yummy as I remember it. It's just a simple farmer's cheese, but still!  After I separated the curds from the whey, I added a little honey, cinnamon and powdered dehydrated peaches. So delicious and had no ingredients that I didn't recognize. Had a bit more fat than I'd like but I don't have a way to make whole milk into skim so ... that's ok. I only eat a spoonful a meal so it's not an over-indulgence.

The rest of the time, eating healthy is difficult. So much going on with my health and that of my Kid that half the time I don't feel like eating, and the other half, I just grab things.  Can barely wait until my garden is producing. We already have salad greens, but I had to plant more because it's just not enough for us AND to sell!

But soon ... yummy ... tomatoes, peppers, scallions, radishes, cucumbers, 8-ball zucchini, beans ... my mouth is watering just thinking about it all!

Oh, and the berries! Come on berry brambles ... Mama wants some blueberries. Er, blackberries. No, raspberries.  Ah come on ... I want them all!!!

Probably why I was able to so easily (yeah, right) lose the weight summer before last. Our garden did great that year AND we really didn't have the major health problems to deal with. Now, with my own physical limitations even worse, and my Kid's diagnoses of autism and epilepsy AND worrying about my Kid's daily seizures and meltdowns, I'm just a mess.

Come on garden. I need your help to lose all this weight I've put back on.

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