Now that we're back home (from my kid's stay in the hospital), I was working to become healthy again. Food all planned out. Exercise planned.... my b-day is this week so we were going to install an above-ground pool for $279.

All shot to SH*T.

Can't do the pool. Too much iron in our water (well water) which would result in  brown murky water and me constantly cleaning the pool. Nuh uh. Plus my kid can't swim alone and if he wants to swim and I can't get away from chores or whatever, chances are he'd sneak down there. If he had a seizure in the water, he could drown.

So ...

Okay, from pool to bathtub.  Will exercise my knee once a day in our big ole tub, swimsuit on, in case I need to hurry out and help when my kid has a seizure. Okay, I'll start that next week.

Besides, my son now needs an additional seizure med that will cost us almost $900 a month! Yes, that's our portion for a month's supply of seizure meds. ARGH! We can maybe afford 2-3 months, using the rest of my husband's inheritance money but after that, no clue how to pay for it.

And food? Yeah, right. We had planned to buy a small cultivator so we can plant fields of gluten-free grains plus stuff for the livestock. Also needed more bags of potting soil for our veggie garden AND had planned to get the fruit bushes, brambles and trees this weekend to get them planted. I always eat healthier when we grow it.

Now ...

I want cake. Ribs. Bread.


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Yum Yucky said...

ohhhh, mamma. I want cake, too. I need to read through some of your old posts to fully understand what you're going through right now. I'm sorry for your stress and the entire situation. I hope at least the weekend will be happy for you and your whole family. xo
(and I want cake)