My son just got out of the hospital yesterday. He was only there for about 27 hours, for a constant EEG/video monitoring of his seizures. We got the info we needed; there's no cure for a physical abnormality, except for brain surgery. Hoping meds will at least lessen/eliminate his big seizures.

But this is a "diet" blog, right? So this post is about how I handled my diet in the hospital.

Yeah, right.

He had a seizure within an hour of being there. One of the huge massive seizures that can kill. He did turn blue.

It was downhill from there. I did eat the broccoli slaw, fruit and yogurt I took BUT when he got his dinner, I was so hungry that I got a BLT (but with a salad!). Drank lots of milk and juice because it was free, but when they started telling me that they wanted to do a sleep deprivation study on him on Tuesday, I knew I needed coffee.  That goodness that was free too! I must have drank 15-20 cups of coffee, from mid-afternoon on Monday until we got home on late Tuesday, just to stay awake AND to keep him awake.

Home. Slept hard last night. Whew!

(So did my kid: he slept about 12 hours!).

So far today, I've had a diet protein drink and a drinkable yogurt.  Guess I should go eat: we have about a million eggs (ok, seems that way) so probably will make scrambled eggs for us for lunch. Tomorrow he goes back to school.

And I'm back to no caffeine.

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