I'm back. Kinda.

I weighed this morning. It isn't pretty.  I do plan on getting back on track. Today. I haven't slept well in weeks and weeks. Of course, that could be because I'm still so worried about my kid.


Can't remember what I last wrote about but here goes: my Teen had his first seizure last April 2011. He now has them regularly, even with medication. So, yes, my kid has epilepsy, along with his other many problems, like autism, ADHD and OCD. He has 3 kinds of seizures, so he loses big chunks of time. We have a seizure-alert / autism therapy puppy and he's learning. He actually tried to turn my kid over last week when he had a seizure outside, in the dark.

I've absolutely put myself on the back burner. Because of that, my health has deteriorated. Yes, I know, I need to take care of me so I can continue taking care of him.   Along that line of thinking, I am getting him in a school, if I can find one that will take him and all of his medical issues.

Breakfast:: a "nutritional shake plus", chocolate.

Lunch: nothing yet.

I in no way can see myself blogging daily or even any way kind of regularly. But I'll try a little better. Thanks for listening.

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