Hmm... pot pies

I did pretty good over the weekend. I drank "nutritional shakes" for the most part, but after my kid and some friends did some time at a local trampoline jump place, I got some take-out from Garbanzo's. Hummus, veggie salad, meat, etc. Yummy.

Did well yesterday too, except for last night when Hubby brought home KYC. I got pot pie. It's really one of the only ways I'll eat cooked carrots and peas, but the fat in the gravy and the pie crust kinda cancel it out. Wish they would come up with a low-fat version! But I've only had it twice in the last 6 months.

Baby steps, right?

My knee is getting worse so since my farm helpers are off this week, I have decided to stay pretty much in bed so my knee can start healing again.


I do have a few exercises that I can do in bed, that don't affect my knee so ... better get busy!

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