Bye bye facebook

I have so much to do, and was finding myself constantly checking e-mail and facebook just to get involved in someone's ... anyone's life besides myself.

Now that I'm getting back on track, I'm putting a ban on facebook for a while.  I really just don't have time.

Here's just a taste of what's going on:
-start tomato seeds (oh, and bell pepper, herbs, celery, etc)
-water garden daily (have planted cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower)
-plant the potatoes (have several kinds)
-finish filling in the raised garden beds to prep for May planting
-clean out chicken houses
-build hay feeders for boy goats
-build another house for boy goats but this time around hay feeders
-order fruit bushes and grape vines
-start construction of girl goat pen, their housing and a chicken coop for that pen
-perimeter fence
-train puppy ... get him ready for attending school, and a long cross-country trip
-get kid going in high school (although starting at 1 class a day)
-get kid ready for 3-day hospital stay for seizure review/eeg analysis
-hatch more chicks (have 6 "newborns" and even more due)

Okay, I'm gonna stop. There's even more and more and more on my list but my fingers are tired.  I'm tired. That's part of why I'm gonna work to get healthy again ... because I need energy to get things done, and right now I have none.

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