My goal was to start back with just eliminating (1) candy and (2) soda pop.  DONE! Very tempted MANY times, but resisted.

When I wanted soda and at the same time didn't want plain water, I did make some plain tea, flavored tea or coffee but still ... one step at a time.

As for exercise, I can't. Well, not anything below the heinie. No leg work. Ortho doc told me that I'm missing most of my cartlidge in BOTH knees, have arthritis, and on the left leg, the Baker's Cyst pushed grew so big that it pushed my knee off tracking and can't get back on. So either I stop using my knees (at least 90%) for a while (3-4-5 months) or I pay through the nose for surgery and will be completely down (100%) 3-4 months.

Obvious choice.

So any exercising I do is upper body and what sit-ups I can do on the bed without bending my legs. Plus building winter accommodations for our goats and chickens really took a lot of upper body work.

Getting healthy will take longer now, but it's more necessary than ever.

I don't get online very often any more so updates will be sporadic but when I have something to say, I will.


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