Today is Halloween. I haven't had any candy for quite a while now, and have really avoided soda pop too. I have one of our chickens in the crockpot with a little smart-balance-butter, garlic, and seasoned salt. Once Hubby gets home from work, he'll grab some chicken, some baked butternut squash (with cinnamon and brown sugar)  ... then put on his costume and take my Kid trick-or-treating.

Yes, they are bringing home candy this evening. One of my huge weaknesses. So I'm PLANNING on eating a few pieces of candy tonight. We'll go through all the candy, fill up a quart canning jar with what my Kid can eat (no corn or peanuts or artificial colors), then we'll buy the rest of the candy from him with a movie.

What Hubby and I don't eat tonight goes to his job tomorrow. Thus, only ONE day (evening, really) of candy!

Now, on to the coming holidays ... my plans have to be (1) gluten-free (2) corn-free (3) dairy-free (4) use as much from our little farm as possible.  Planning these menus:

huge chicken (ours!), roasted with garlic, "butter" and poultry seasoning
stuffing with mushrooms and water chestnuts
potato skins with bacon and rice cheese
sweet potatoes with "butter" and cinnamon-toasted-pecans
cranberry-and-orange muffins
pecan pie tarts

ham (gotta buy this year)
homemade bread
green beans with sliced almonds
mashed potatoes
apple chunks fried in cinnamon with walnuts and pecans
pumpkin-cheesecake-yogurt tarts

Fairly healthy. The pecan pie tarts are made with brown sugar instead of corn syrup. Took a while to find THAT recipe! And the pumpkin-cheesecake-yogurt tarts are made from a frozen yogurt we discovered yesterday at local frozen yogurt place.

What would YOU add to these menues? What are you serving?

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