Okay, if you read my blogs at all, you know we don't have horses. Just goats, chickens and now a service dog.

But what I mean is ... it's time to talk myself back into getting healthy.

Had a little episode last Friday. Fixed French Toast for Hubby's breakfast to take to work. Made too much egg mixture, so made myself some. Not gonna say exactly how many, but it was too much. Plus syrup and powdered sugar (eating it the way I grew up with it).

Within an hour, I started getting a tingling sensation all up and down my spine. Felt really weird, and started to faint a couple of times.

I figure, it's the sugar.

No more. No more french toast (unless I eat it with jam instead of syrup). No more candy (haven't had any at all since). No more constant snacking.

We were busy all weekend.  Still winterizing the chicken coops so that was a lot of work, then on Sunday we got a lot of firewood delivered, and stacking that up took most of the day.  LOTS of exercise. Lost 4 pounds between Friday and Monday morning.

Couldn't believe the scale. With all the crap and candy I've been eating since last Fall, I thought I'd gained all 99 pounds back.  As of last Friday morning, it was 255. As of yesterday, Monday, morning, it was 251.2.


However, I felt depression several times since Friday. Realized it's probably just chocolate that I missed. Chocolate helps stabilize my moods, so gonna find a way to get a LITTLE dark chocolate in me daily. Last time it was choc chips with peanut butter. Sounds gross to me now.

Not that I"m going around the bend. Still ... gonna eat healthier than I have been.

It's time.


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