WOOHOO ... 253 lbs!

Last week was 258.6 (if I remember correctly). Weighed this morning. Back down to 253.0 and that's without trying really. WOOHOO!

Up early with Hubby, milked the contrary goat, made Hubby's breakfast and lunch, and went back to bed for an hour. Up to incredible heat already, then feed and watered the livestock.

For the next week or so, I won't be tracking calories or carbs. I remember enough from my successful weight loss last year. Will do low carb except for fresh fruit once a day. Will do an egg or two a day (since my girls are laying pretty well, except when acclimating to this horrible heat). Will exercise regularly (already did arm and chest exercises). Will garden a few times a week (weeding and watering).

After a few weeks, I'll start tracking my calories, fat and carbs. I still have that spreadsheet I made last year. I had added the foods and drinks I most used and have to say that I did really really well. It was only the emotional horrible situation at the end of Oct 2010 that blasted me off my getting-healthy path.

Now, I need to get healthy again. For me.

Breakfast so far: chocolate protein drink.


Off to run errands now. In this near-record heat. NOT looking forward to this. My car hates it too.

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~Shannon~ said...

You can do this..Sound like you have a good plan! Enjoy and stay cool.. :o)