On the health front, did very well yesterday and so far, today.  Wrote down what I ate. Exercised a little. Drank lots of water.

Progress, right?!?!

B: chocolate protein drink
L: Subway: turkey, bacon, mayo, lettuce
S: Gotcha Yogurt: fresh fruit, nuts, coconut (no frozen yogurt!!)
D: salad, milk

B: vanilla protein drink
L: coffee, gf bagel w/cream cheese & pb, grapes, plum, milk

Already made a big thing of decaf green tea for later.

My son's puppy trainer will be here close to dinner time. Plan to invite her to stay. Will make meatballs. Hubby's picking up misc fresh veggies on the way home (all I have is carrots right now).

So ... woohoo!

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Cammy said...

Yaay for a couple of good days! Let's make it the start of a whole chain of them! :)