I am sooo ready to be healthy! I'm hot, sweaty, huge, and did I mention hot? I have too much going on to ignore my SELF anymore.

So ... here I go again. Back to the drawing board.

Rather, back where I was exactly a year ago.  Last year, when I started for real on this getting healthy plan, I was 269.4 pounds on June 29.  By October 25 or so, I weighed 201.? pounds. Great job, right.

Gained back right around 58 pounds since.

I'll weigh tomorrow morning. Curious. Aren't you?


Cathy said...

The best you can do is start right now!

Vee and the Kid said...

Agreed! Lunch was a nectarine and protein drink. Dinner will be a bunless cheeseburger with avocado, and carrots. Yum!

Really Rose said...

You can do it, I know you can. Try online Weight Watchers (for a fee though) or (which is free). You can log everything you eat into a food journal and it computes the calories (or points) for you . . . really makes it easy for me to be sure that I get the right nutrition too.

I'm routing for you!!!!!