I'm about done with not eating right. My birthday was yesterday, and I indulged a bit too much. A lasagna-type dish with lots of cheese. Onion bagel. Italian cream cake. Even had some wine.

But didn't sleep well.

Of course, could be all that's on my mind: my Kid's seizure, his meltdowns, the 71 chickens and 4 goats, my marriage, my allergy to certain chemicals that has my fingers looking like they're doing to slough off any day. Started steroids on Tuesday to help me get over it but chances are, I never will.

Yeah, I'm miserable.

But if I was ready, I'd do it.

The good news is that my Kid hasn't had another seizure, and the neurologist said his eeg looked fine. He might never have another one, and then again, he might tomorrow. Did figured out that when he ate corn, he was more inclined to have a melt-down, so we've eliminated yet another items from his diet. It's getting more and more narrow.

Guess that's it for now.

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