What's the running total now .... 6 years? 7 years? Very little sleep, and what little I get, isn't restful.

Even with sleeping pills last night, I didn't sleep well. I finally stopped trying, this morning, at around 6. Got up, put groceries away from yesterday (when I come home, if I'm in a rush or too tired, I just put away refrigerated items and leave the rest for another time). Then I got all of our baby chicks fresh food and water. Ate a bowl of cereal and drank some tart cherry juice. Once the sun came up, I got food and water for the outdoor livestock: goats and chickens.

Back inside to check on the seeds I started on Tuesday: already have sprouts for cabbage and cucumber! Woohoo! Mouth watering.

Then started a load of laundry, e-mailed Hubby, worked on Kid's school assignments for today (art, math, literature), and started typing this posting.

Now... at 8:41, I'm gonna lay back, drink some more juice, take some pain relievers (back, head, finger), and try to take a nap.

Just until my Kid gets up.

By lunch, I want to finish laundry, start beef stroganoff for dinner (hamburger, onion, mushrooms, goat cheese), do some writing and start some more seeds. Busy day ... REALLY need some sleep! By evening, I want to get the house mostly cleaned, all eggs collected, many phone calls made, and ready for a busy Saturday!

Maybe we'll take Sunday off and just play games like Uno and Scrabble.

Enjoy your weekend!

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