Turns out I can't sleep without my husband. I doubt it's his snoring. Or his hogging the covers. Or the screams in the night with cramping in his legs.

I finally figured it out. I sleep on weekends because he's there. Because I'm not the only adult there to make sure the doors are secured, livestock are safe from predators, and there's another set of adult ears to listen for unusual and unwelcome noises.

Not that I sleep a lot, even then. But it's about 6-8 hours, which is more than my 2-5 hours on weekdays. From now on, I'm planning on weekend chores to not start until around 10 a.m., instead of 6 or 7. That way, I won't feel guilty "sleeping in" to 9 or so.


I ate pretty healthy this weekend. Made thai turkey and had that for lunch today. Breakfast was pb&j. Last night's dinner was soup, and yesterday's lunch was eggs and bacon. I did have some soda yesterday but tried to go with tea today. Will get back with water, coffee and lots of tea tomorrow.

Woke up yesterday with a stiff neck (crik in the neck). And it's still here today. Tried medication, heating pad, massage, accupressure ... and nothing's helped. Hope it's gone tomorrow. I have too much to do! AND we're expecting 5-12 inches of snow by Tuesday morning (already started) so I'm gonna need to be fully functional to shovel the heavy wet stuff.

Come on, Spring. Get here already!

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