When I can, I catch Dr. Oz in the afternoons. Today's episode was a woman who weighed 700 lbs. Unfortunately, I missed everything after the first 10 minutes ... a cat got in my backyard and was chasing my chickens. Then my rooster attacked ME as I herded him back to the safety of his coop with his girls.

I guess my point is that just looking at the 700 lb woman (Corrine? Colleen?) made me remember the extreme discomfort **I** felt at 299 lbs, and here I am, back on my way to that weight.

Too hard. It's just too hard. But it doesn't make sense WHY it's too hard. It should be the easiest thing in the world to just grab a couple of carrots and handful of almonds for dinner. Easier than cooking, actually. So why is it so horribly difficult? Intellectually, I **know** what to do. And I have great motivation: my Kid and my health and my future BUT ...


I gotta change back to my healthy eating and healthy living. Somewhere inside of ME there is the ability to be healthy. I need to figure out how to access it.

Not looking for sympathy or advice or those damn spammers selling diet products. Just need to vent. And to think out loud.

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