Saturday was a beautiful day. We let all of the chickens out into the fenced-in backyard to peck and scratch and enjoy the sunshine. 50+ degrees F. But ... we had a blizzard come in late Saturday. By Monday morning, we got about a foot of snow (with 2-foot-tall drifts in places), and the temp kept dropping. Single digits (below zero with wind-chill factors), with even more snow, and very cold animals. Took about 3 and a half hours to shovel some paths!

Yes, we moved the chickens to pens in the workshop where they were at least out of the wind and snow, and the goats have been spending nights (only) in a 6x10 outdoor dog kennel (smack against the house ... tight quarters but filled with hay and surrounded by tarps to keep the snow and wind out). I even brought two of our chickens inside for a few days (one was being picked on and the other is my Kid's fave.) And even tho I was running a fever, I got my exercise by moving the animals around, visiting several times a day with fresh water and food, and generally taking care of them.

Fun, huh?

We live too far from any town to join a gym. And the roads out here in the boonies are way too rough (unpaved) for bike-riding. Not that I could in snow like this. There aren't any people nearby who want to exercise with me.

So how do I exercise in the winter?

Besides caring for the livestock? I exercycle. And so some exercises like stretches and stuff.

Now, your turn. How do you exercise (move more) during the Winter?


Update: My kid got suicidal again yesterday. Brought on by him missing a schoolwork deadline. Upped his meds, per convers w/doc. So much going on that I'm getting lost again. I really need some sleep, and to feel better.

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