So many people depend on diet pills, diuretics and other tricks to help lose weight. I think we've all done it, right? Thought maybe it would help by taking a shortcut? Get that extra salt from french fries out by taking a water pill?

It doesn't work.

Pills and other tricks do NOT change the behavior behind how we got fat in the first time. They can't stop the craving for chocolate when we get PMS, or help us deal with stress in a way different from eating every bakery item in sight. They don't talk to us when we're lonely, or comfort us when we're sad.

Diet pills are "speed". Yep, something we don't hear much about these days but when I was a kid, it was "hip" to take a couple of diet pills for the cheap high. Problem is, they messed up my heart, and to this day, can't take even one ... not that I've wanted to for many many years.

So my question...

Do you still rely on pills and tricks, or are you doing it correctly by moving more and eating less and healthier?

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