Hubby B-Day Party Keeping Me Busy

My husband turned 50 today. Big milestone. And even tho I'm working to eat right, and we don't have much money, I'm throwing a big potluck party tomorrow for him.

So I'm surrounded by food (making KY-style chili with fixin's) and lots of cake. Yes, cake. When he comes home tonight, I'll have porkchops and stuffing made for him, and there's a very small red velvet cake for him. Okay, yeah, I'll have a slice too.

Then tomorrow, we'll have my chili, cocktail wienies with bbq sauce (his request), baked potatoes, and people are bringing: fruit tray, veggie tray, apple-cabbage coleslaw, and cornbread. Oh, and sodas and pink lemonade. And I got 2 kinds of cake.

I am working feverishly to get this house ready. We finally got around to finish painting the upstairs (inside) and hang pictures and such. Kitchen looks great! I've gotten around to unpacking a couple of boxes, and we still have more full ones to move out of sight. I have to finish cleaning the bathrooms, and my Kid is vacuuming and dusting today. Gonna shut a LOT of doors to rooms, tho.

Then I still have to muck out the goat and chicken pens. Plus we got a new blue rooster, and he's still very shy so I need to move a chicken coop so I can isolate him and 2 of my pullets so they can get "better acquainted". I also sold our nubian goat, and are getting a nigerian dwarf buck (boy) next weekend so need to get things ready for him! AND we are gonna have another very cold week coming up so need to get things ready for that.

Also gonna be a chick mama again. We're at day 13 of incubating some of my chicken eggs, and out of the 17 we collected, it looks like 7 or more might be viable. Keeping fingers crossed! We have another 8-9 days to go and I still have to get the brooder ready (a nice warm place for them to live for their first few weeks). Then the week after, we are getting 25 baby miniature chicks I ordered, and 2 weeks after that, another 40+ chicks. Not only need to get their brooder ready, but also their permanent pens out back.


Yeah, I'm busy, so sorry I haven't written. And I probably won't again until next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Lanie Painie said...

I'm so glad you checked in. I would love to see pictures of your new critters. Heck, I'd love so see them in person. I love critters.

Yum, fruit and veggie trays (yeah, right)