Frozen Tundra

Today: high of 21 (which was at midnight) dropping to 13 by noon with a low tonight of -6 tonight. Tomorrow: a high of -2 with a low of -18. Expecting 4-7 inches of snow but we already have ice everywhere.

Was so concerned about my chickens and goats that I didn't sleep last night. Maybe a total of an hour. At daybreak, when the sun had barely let enough light out, I was outside bundled up, checking on everyone and taking out hot water and food. Found an egg ... frozen and cracked. Bummer.

I'll be going out every few hours with a container of hot water and extra treats for everyone, including the goats. And I'll be lighting a fire in the fireplace in a few. Plus the Kid and I will be drinking hot cocoa (I'll alternate mine with hot tea too) and warm just-made cinnamon-walnut bread since I didn't get much at the grocery this weekend.


There are very few times when I'm glad I'm fat. I could count them on one hand, with 2 fingers tied behind my back. But today, I'm glad.

p.s.: And yes, Lanie, people brought fruit and veggie trays to the party, and didn't want to take the leftovers home! So ... the Kid and I WILL be eating a little fruit and veggies today. The leftover chili, cocktail wienies and CAKE have been sent away so there is NONE left! Woohoo!


Twix said...

Woohoo!!! The cake went bye bye in a good way, out da door! :D

Stay warm! That is cold. Tea, cocoa, a fire, some blankets, and a few good friends (books)= contentment.

Vee and the Kid said...

Unfortunately I'm gonna have to take out hot water every couple of hours. Last time I went out, found a frozen egg. Had to combine coops of chickens so they can keep each other warm. And there's a split in our backdoor where snow is coming in. Hung up towels to help keep it out but ... argh!