How much water did you drink yesterday?

Okay, so I couldn't sleep Wednesday night. Again. Don't know if it was the ton of liquids I drank during the day, or what, but I didn't get to sleep until about 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

Then I had horrible dreams about all of my chickens freezing, and my goats breaking in through the door downstairs to get in to the basement. Horrible. Phone finally got me up, and I found everyone was alive and safe, albeit, cold.

Didn't do great eating yesterday but didn't eat any cake! Haven't been back to the store, although I have a cake mix I could make BUT I WON'T! The day before Hubby's party, I will be going to the store to check the discount aisle for cakes for his party, but since other people will be around, I won't gorge myself!

Just a lazy day.

Today we have more therapy (all of us) for dealing with autism, etc. so we're out and about all day. Then this weekend we need to work on the chicken coops some more, fix the goat pen gate, and get the house ready for the party. Might not get back on until Monday so until then ... enjoy your life! I'm getting back there.

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