I've done a LOT of crying over the last few months. Serious, heart-wrenching nauseating crying. My life practically blew apart, but now, as the storm kinda begins to clear, I realize that letting out the emotions from time to time CAN BE good for me.

When you hit a snag in life, and just feel defeated, do you allow yourself a good cry? Private, public, bawling or just the sniffle kind ... do you cry?


Lanie Painie said...

Sometimes I have to skip the antidepressant for a day in order to get a good cry in. Lots of times I feel like I need one and can't work it up because of the meds. Weird!

You've been through a lot these past few months. Wishing you love and light <3

kristi said...

Yes, a good cry does help. Had one yesterday after a terrible week! Hugs!

Lyn said...

Oh yes, I did a lot of that this weekend. Now I feel better.

I am sorry you've had such stressful stuff going on lately. I hope things get easier soon and I wish you peace and strength. Hugs!