Recently, as you know, I started going through quite a situation where I just refused to put myself first. I couldn't. Thoughts about making myself healthy took too much time; instead, I needed to focus on my Kid. This young person needs me to be strong, and I got caught up in being the emotional strong.

Now, I realize, I need to be the physical and mental strong. That means, eating right and becoming as healthy as possible.

I need to put my SELF first.

Do you? Put yourself first in your life?


Carly said...

I have no problem being a little selfish and putting myself first. If I can get my needs met, I am a lot more likely to be in a better place to serve others.

Lanie Painie said...

Welcome back to the front of the line Vee!

Cathy said...

I am so glad to see you post this! I have not put myself first, until this past year. I don't plan to quit. It really makes everyone better off, in the long run.