Weight Holding Steady. Kinda.

Support Group Time: How's your progress doing this holiday season? Holding steadying, still losing, or putting on a couple?


As you know, I've changed my goals from losing weight to just holding steady while I get this autistic thing figured out. But even tho I'm not counting calories or carbs or even saying to myself "I can't eat that cuz it's junk!" and I'm eating pretty much whatever I want ... I'm still weighing daily.

Sunday morning: 215.6
Monday morning: 213.6
Tuesday morning: 216.8
This morning: 213.8


Of course, it's probably mostly water fluctuations or some days are more active than others, but wow, that's quite a range.

But I'm positive! At least I'm staying in the range of 210-220 pounds. Right?


Cammy said...

HOlding steady is hard enough at this time of year, so yes, pat yourself on the back for that!

Janell said...

Vee, that 3 lb loss looks good!
Though seems like you're going thru a rough patch with the autism issues. I think holding steady is a good way to go.