No Yeast Diet for Autistic Children

Support Group Time: If you could never again have yeast bread or bread made with wheat flour, what would you substitute it with? What would you eat?


I've been reading about feeding an autistic child, and found that going gluten-free, casein-free and yeast-free helps autistic children, to varying degrees. Already got the kid on gluten-free, and I'm trying to figure out how to get a cheese-fanatic on a casein-free diet, but I'm also working on this yeast-free diet.

It's hard! Not only is yeast eliminated, but also sugar because the yeast in the gut feeds on sugar. Eliminate the sugar, and the yeast have nothing to feed on, and will die. So... the search for alternatives to bread (yes, even gluten-free bread) is on!

Tried to find out if baking powder has yeast in it, but so far nothing. I'm going to assume since I can't find the answer, that baking powder does NOT have yeast in it. Am I right?

That leaves me with using flours like: bean, quinoa, brown rice, almond and a few others. Perhaps I can combine two at a time, add a little xanthum gum or ground flax seed to hold it together, and spices to make a pizza dough or bread for almond butter.



Student On A Health Kick said...

I have followed a yeast-free diet for going on 10 years, due to severe IBS that is heavily triggered by yeast. I've tried loads of 'bread alternatives' during that time, but the main problem is that, if you're used to eating normal bread, nothing else tastes as nice, it just tastes like a blah alternative.

So, my mum took to making me wraps with tortillas for lunch. Whatever you put in a sandwich can be put onto a tortilla! It might take a bit of time to get used to, but that is the only one of the 'bread alternatives' that has stuck for me. It doesn't pretend to be bread, but is equally as tasty and filling.

Sourdough is also yummy, but it doesn't taste like 'normal' bread. However, if you want something that looks and tastes more like a sandwich, it is probably my favourite alternative.

(PS, check some sandwich spreads for yeast too. Marmite made me very ill, and I couldn't work out for the life of me why until I spotted the yeast in the ingredients!)

Vee and the Kid said...

STudent: That's a great idea! My main concern was that this Kid LOVES bread slices topped with lots of cheese and microwaved until it's all gooey. Using corn tortillas instead of bread sounds like it would definitely work! And perhaps I can figure out other things... believe it or not, this Kid doesn't like sandwiches or burgers or anything like that so offering cheese tortillas will be a good start. THANKS! Vee

Diana said...

Hi Vee, you've posted several times on my blog and I think this is the first time I've visited yours.

I just went back and read several of your older posts. My heart just breaks for you. I'm so sorry. I know the saying is that we're never given more than we can bear, but sometimes you just have to wonder why some really good people are given such heavy burdens.

On a bright note, I have two nephews that are ADHD and the medicine works wonders. They are truly a joy when on the meds. Without, I can barely stand to be in the same room with them.

About the Autism, gluten-free is definitely the way to go. A coworker of mine has an Autistic daughter and they have her on a gluten-free diet. It's helped. The other thing is working with the school system. She goes to different therapist/counselors to help her. It's all paid by the public school system.

I sure hope the medications start working for your child and things start getting better for you.

You've done amazing keeping off 87 pounds all these years. That's wonderful. You're right though, right now you have to decide your priorities and your child is #1.

Take care Vee. I'll be back to check on you. You're in my prayers. :)