An Air of Holiday-ness

Support Group Time: Do you decorate your house for the holidays? If so, does it include putting out little dishes of candy?

We decorated the house yesterday. No dishes of candy!! What would be a good alternative?

Put up two fake trees, and decorated one with red and gold, the other with blue. Rearranged the furniture so we can do a favorite thing: sit in front of the tree, in the dark, with the tree lights on, and just talk. Also put up solar-powered lights on the front exterior of the house and while we didn't get nearly enough to do it up real well, it's enough to have a little light at night.

Also said goodbye to our bunny. Poor little Blanca. I made Hubby take her back to the lady we bought her from... she'll have the time to properly care for her. French Angora rabbits needs lots of care, especially combing the fiber so it doesn't mat, and our bunny's fur was really matted at the back. Come on! I do almost everything else around here ... I just didn't have time for her! Better she's with someone who does.

My diet's suffering, but that's ok. Expected that. Remember... changed my Hot 100 goal from [losing weight] to [keeping my kid from committing suicide] and so far so good! Took the third dose of meds yesterday, and did pretty much ok.

I'll try to do an update video soon.

Today's plan: go into town to get more livestock feed, visit the library (hope those books about autism are in), Vitamin Cottage for more goat yogurt for the Kid, and the bank. Fun fun!


Cammy said...

My local library emails me when my books are in and also sends a reminder when they're due. Saves on trips and that $0.05/day late fee. :)

Michele said...

Love the decoration; not so keen on putting them up. But my hubby helps. Love, love, love outdoor Christmas lights. I love sitting in the room with the tree with all the lights out. Lovely.

Glad your son is doing better. Hang in there.

Lanie Painie said...

How bout bowls of nuts? They have lots of Omega 3s which are good for the autism spectrum peeps. Yummy and healthy as well :)

Vee and the Kid said...

Cammy: I go into the library once a week anyway. Constantly researching.

Michelle: Thanks for the support. Really appreciate it.

Lanie: My kid has problems with most nuts ... makes him major hyper, but maybe sunflower seeds! Thanks for the idea.