A Decent Day

Support Group Time: What antioxidants did you eat or drink yesterday?

I tried a new "Naked Juice" drink yesterday: Berry Veggie. Had lots of goodies in it, plus I had some blueberries. Great source.


So my Kid had his 2nd dose of meds on Friday and we did okay that day. There was a LOT of drowsiness but neither Friday nor Saturday was there mention of suicide. Yahoo!

Saturday was overall, well, mostly good too. The Kid's cough was a lot worse so after chores we headed into town. Two hour wait to see a doc and almost 30 more minutes in the waiting room before the doc came in! Might have pertussis so they took a swab and prescribed an antibiotic. Then we headed to lunch (met mom-in-law) then to Barnes and Nobles. Got a few books (including one I snuck/paid/hid in the car after the Kid started to beg for it). On to Target to pick out Christmas decorations, then the grocery and towards home.

Overall, it was a decent day. Not a LOT of arguing or temper tantrums. We enjoyed talking about books and decorating for the holidays, and really loved the long drive home in the dark, looking at the holiday lights and the way people decorated their homes, even out here in the country. I found myself changing the way I relate to the Kid, and knowing I have to carefully monitor my actions, reactions, phrasings, and basically my own thinking. It's exhausting but rewarding.

The Kid gets a 3rd dose of meds today and another antibiotic. We're putting up my 6 foot fake Christmas tree and decorating it, and putting up lights on the front of the house. I already draped the dining room table in a red and white snowflake tablecloth, set the red and white plates on round red placemats, and the Kid picked out alternating red and cream colored cloth napkins. It looks very festive. I'll try to take a pic.

Anyway, hope we can get the decorating done and still have time to play Uno or another game before Hubby leaves for the week.

Oh, and last night I put my double crockpot to use. The left side got a package of boneless skinless breasts with onion, garlic and italian seasonings (lunch today) and the right side had oats and amaranth, water and cinnamon (breakfast this morning). I have good intentions for the day, but getting my kid to eat is pretty important! He loves oatmeal (even with amaranth slipped in) especially with cinnamon, butter and brown sugar. He doesn't care for chicken any more but I'm going to find something here to entice him to eat.

Still looking for info on feeding autistic children a diet with no yeast, gluten or dairy. The gluten part we're ok with, but my Kid is addicted (practically) to cheese and goat yogurt and loves his gluten-free bread (yeast) so ... help! Anyone have suggestions for a very picky eater along these guidelines?

Have a great Sunday!


Ron said...

Glad you had a decent day!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

I've got to try those Naked juices. I also keep seeing those 'green monsters' that everyone blends up. I don't know....its so, so green! I will have to find a better way of getting in my veggies, though. Glad things are settling down a bit there. I hope you're able to find a diet that works well...luckily there is a lot of support for autsm on the internet, especially in forums. I bet if you asked that questions in one of those you'd get an answer right away. A very resourceful group of people.