Thanks for the Thoughts

Support Group Time: Who did you hug today (or yesterday)?

Me? My Kid, 2 of my chickens, and my doeling goat.


While I still plan to keep writing my e-books (desparately need the money) and moving more (exercising or walking, it doesn't matter), I'm thinking about putting my own getting-healthy plan on hold ... in regards to thinking about every moursel of food that goes into my mouth. I just don't have the time or energy. I don't plan to pig out constantly (who has that kind of money anyway)? And I will be as gluten-free as possible, since my Kid needs to be that way too.

Revised my Hot 100 Goals: (1) keep my kid alive (2) exercise as much as I can (3) write e-books to bring in much-needed money. Note: I'm dropping the weight loss thing.

Waiting for a book to come in at the library about a diet that works with autistic kids. I understand it's no yeast, wheat, or casein (dairy). (Does that include goat milk?). It's gonna be hard for both of us, but I figure if I make the Kid do that, I should too.

Or maybe I should wait to see if the medication kicks in BEFORE I change up the Kid's diet.

Still thinking about it. Your opinion if you've dealt with a similar situation?

Meanwhile ... not gonna go nutso eating, but if we sit down to gluten-free pizza, I'm gonna have some. And gonna make gluten-free chocolate cake and brownies to help entice the Kid to eat. And the other fav foods like bacon and more. (Threatens suicide by starvation so I'm gonna work real hard to prevent that!). And we're going to have a "wheat day" for Christmas Day because this Kids really really really wants to be "normal" even if it's just for one day. Planning on fav things like Life cereal, pecan pie, carrot cake, and ... well, so far that's the list I've gotten!

Every waking (and sleeping) moment is focused on (1) keeping my kid alive (2) keeping the household going and (3) keeping the animals safe, fed, hayed and watered. Somewhere in there I need to think about Christmas gifts, cooking, cleaning, schoolwork, finding alternate sources of income, and so much more. Wish Hubby would help more. Seriously. Sometimes it's like I have TWO kids!

Our french angora bunny is finding a new home next week. Going back to the lady we bought her from over a year ago. Thank goodness! Lessen my load by one little thing.

I'm exhausted. I haven't really slept more than a few hours a night in a very long time. So ... I just need to maintain and throw whatever food I can come across into my gullet and not obssess about calories and carbs and counting anything. Ick. The 3-c's.

Here's a video I did yesterday:

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