A Perfect Day

Yesterday's Support Group Time Question was: If you had the chance to have a perfect dream-day, what would that day be like? Be specific ... how late would you sleep, what would you have for breakfast, what would you wear, what would you do, etc.

This was a 2-parter.

TODAY's part is: what steps would you need to take to actually have that perfect day?

I'll post tomorrow about how Tuesday's meds eval appointment went. For now, I'm gonna answer the first part of my question:

My perfect day: Wake up rested and feeling great. Kids helps milk the goat and take care of the livestock without arguing or procrastination. Enjoy a quick easy workout. Wonderful warming shower. Online work goes smoothly, netting a decent profit. Able to help the Kid with schoolwork, knowing the answers and how to work problems or arrive at correct solutions. Family helps prepare delicious dinner that we all enjoy, as we watch the sunset over the mountains (the view from our dining room table). New baby to snuggle with as we talk about our day and maybe play a card game or watch flickering flames in the fireplace.


Eat healthy (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole gluten-free grains, eggs, goat milk) and great drinks (hot tea and filtered water). Take care of my body by rest, moderate exercise, lotion, soothing bath, comfortable bed, comfy clothes. Diligence. Studying. Making a plan and following it. Live as if these were all true. Believe.

Now... you?

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