Hot 100 Update for December 2nd

First, the Support Group Time question: What new thing have you learned about yourself in the last 24 hours?


I'm not as strong as I thought I was.


Weight: 214.2 This is actually .4 pounds MORE than when I started the Hot 100 challenge. It took a month to lose these 12 pounds, and another month to put them back on. ARGH!

Exercise: Not much beyond farm chores but already this morning, I exercised while waiting for coffee water to heat up.

Writing: I did a little writing but this coming week, I plan on doing a LOT!

= = = = = = =

As of Dec 3 2010 at 3:00 p.m., I'm revising my Hot 100 Goals to: (1) keep my kid alive (2) exercise as much as I can (3) write e-books to bring in much-needed money. Note: I'm dropping the weight loss thing. I just can't. My revised (1) is much more important.

= = = = = = =

As you know, I took my Kid for his first medication evaluation appointment for the newly diagnosed autism. It was immediately apparent to the doc that autism is the right diagnosis, along with ADHD and OCD. Started a prescription yesterday, low dose, but it may take a while to see any changes. Meanwhile, we're hanging on, and waiting for the next therapy appointment (next week) while also waiting for all of my phone calls for support, treatment and insurance benefits to be returned.

I made this video last night:


Kelly said...

That is absolutely what a mom does! We take care of our kids needs first then our own needs. 85 lbs gone is a huge accomplishment!! Keep your chin up!

Twix said...

Something I learned within the last 24 was listen to your voice. I knew 4 weeks ago I was headed in the wrong direction. I knew I should have stopped then and went back to what I knew was at the time best for me. Monday was the turning point for me. Monday I lifted off the burden and breathed fresh air. And I feel so much better for doing so. I learned to trust my own voice. To not shut it out, to really listen to it.

One thing I'm trying to do is be ok with I'm enough for me. We all want to be loved, truly loved. Sometimes that's not in the cards. I'm not saying the kids don't love me, they do. I wonder if you get me here. Just to be loved. I need to be ok with the fact I may be the only one to love me. That and I need to love me better than what I've been doing. I need to stop striving to find love and acceptance. And do so internally, more so than I ever have.

Yes that's what moms do. Don't feel down. You're doing what's best right now. And you got a lot on your plate. I know you won't loose total focus on your weight, wouldn't want you to. You do have to take this time to zone in on the kid. (((hugs)))

Michele said...

Yep, mothering is hard and your circumstances are tough. We had a tough time with our youngest daughter and she finally grew up. She was our hardest. We tried everything. I hope you can find a support group that will at least allow you to process with individuals who are challenged by their children. Hang in there.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Isn't it annoying how HARD it is to lose it but how simple it is to gain it right back? Frustrating!

Hope it goes okay with the kids! Being a mom can be tough! Hang in there!

Shannon @ BetterNextTime said...

HUGS to you! Good for you for not giving up - hang in there!

Karen said...

Hugs, Vee. I know every child on the spectrum is different, but wanted to share with you that my niece who is high functioning, also has OCD, and I think ADHD, and is currently studying physics in grad school. She was not actually diagnosed until she was in college but her parents tried getting her helped and a diagnosis for years when she was growing up.