High Hopes

Support Group Time: If you had the chance to have a perfect dream-day, what would that day be like? Be specific ... how late would you sleep, what would you have for breakfast, what would you wear, what would you do, etc.


I saw a special the other day on ADHD and this was one of the questions. It's a 2-parter. Tomorrow, you get to answer the second part.

Meanwhile, I posed this question to my Kid too. "Write several paragraphs about what you think your perfect dream-day would be … how late you sleep, what you have for breakfast, and so forth. Be very detailed… it’s your PERFECT day!"

At first, the Kid refused to answer, citing a hopelessness that a perfect day could never be. Why bother. Nothing would ever change. But finally ... I got this: "Sleep 9-6 a.m. Golden Puffs for breakfast. Lots of extra time on the computer."

Hmmm.... very telling.


To alleviate stress, I changed up schoolwork. From 8 subjects to only 5 this year, including a very easy one: art. Stretching high school credits to be 5 years instead of 4, to help that too. I think it'll help.

We have our meds eval appointment today. Now that we have a specific diagnosis of ADHD and autism, we'll also talk about "OCD" and other things, and how to manage them with meds and therapy. And in prep for our appointment, I allowed the Kid to eat wheat since last night so the behavior demonstrated will be the Kid's TRUE self. Believe me, it's a different Kid!

Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I noticed a drop on the scale but no clue why. I'm still eating bread and not eating healthy. Could be because I've been drinking decaf coffee because it was so FREAKING cold yesterday! Huge wind-and-snow storm. My poor hands froze when taking care of my livestock. Hope the chickens survive without getting frostbitten wattles and combs.

Now... your answer ... what is your perfect day?


Twix said...

perfect day...

To be surrounded with love. What I've always wanted. What I sorely lack.

Then maybe I wouldn't be so fatigued, as I am now.

Cammy said...

I follow the observation of a friend: Any day spent above ground and vertical is a perfect day. :)