More Baking Today and Hot 100 Update

Support Group Time: Are you over indulging in anything?

I had too much coffee yesterday. Oh, and ham. The salt from the ham raised my blood pressure so I ended up taking a pill last night. And the coffee (and a variety of other things) kept me away till about 4 a.m. So... working on about 4 hours sleep. Again.


Hot 100 Update:
-CHECK - Kid alive and not talking about suicide.
-CHECK - Exercised some, including with weights
-NO CHECK - Didn't get much writing done. Busy baking and dealing with "issues".

Made some of my Christmas goodies yesterday and only had **1** miniature carrot cake cupcake (truly, the tiny ones) BEFORE I frosted and decorated. Still have cranberry orange muffins and several varieties of cookies to do today, then tomorrow we'll dip pretzels in chocolate. I don't like pretzels so no problem there!

A few minutes ago, my doorbell rang. Was the next door neighbor and one of her sons, asking to look in our backyard for her horses. HUH? That was really weird. Not sure how a couple of horses could get into our locked-and-fenced backyard, but whatever.

Have a wonderful Thursday, all!


Lanie Painie said...

Your neighbors should learn how to hold on to their horses! I know it's difficult so close to Christmas! hahaha. I am SO funny.
My first thought was that they maybe thought you stole them.

I'm glad you checked in today. I have been thinking about you and wondering if the kid was doing better. It sounds as if his depression has at least let up a little bit.

Happy Holidays :)

Vee and the Kid said...

Lanie: I agree. My first thought (and 2nd and 3rd) is that they thought we'd stolen the horses! No other reason to ring my doorbell, as opposed to just walking the 3 steps to look over the fence. Ridiculous.

Take care. Thanks for thinking of me. We appreciate it! V

Cammy said...

Well done on the carrot cake cupcake! Those are my favorite!

I'm looking for a good cranberry orange muffin recipe. Is yours online anywhere?

Lori said...

Congrats on being so strong with the goodies!

Maybe your neighbor smelled all the baking and rang your doorbell hoping you would give them some LOL!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

The pretzels would be hard for me, that's what got me INTO this mess! No more of these!

Nice to hear that your child is doing better.

Michele said...

Just one cupcake. That is terrific! Glad your kid is doing better and took his med with water.

Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas! Michele

Karen said...

Merry Christmas.

Vee and the Kid said...

Cammy: I actually used a box mix this year ( ) so sorry.

Lori: Thanks, but as far as the neighbor, I don't think so! I'd just gotten up and hadn't even made coffee yet!

Debbi: Thanks, and good job staying away from pretzels! I don't care for them at all, which is why I chose to choc-dip them!

Michelle: Thanks, and you too.

Karen: Happy Holidays to you and yours!